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Aluminum Aging Oven

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Aluminum Aging Oven

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Aluminum Aging Oven

We manufacture unique range of Aluminium Aging Ovens. We construct ovens with support of latest design and drawing tools that make our ovens perfect. Heating aluminium at high temperatures and for different heat treating processes in various industries for making the metals aged. . Ageing is the process that transforms the supersaturated solid solution to precipitate particles that can greatly enhance the strength properties. It is the formation of precipitates that provide aluminium alloys with the mechanical properties required for aerospace structures.

Artificial Aging

Basic construction metals tend to physically transform over time due to natural environmental conditions. The texture and color of the metal surface changes with an oxide layer forming on it in the initial stages. Soon this layer converts to a hydroxide layer. Later this hydroxide layer combines with other elements in the atmosphere and finally the metal surface gains a stable mineral composition that is very resistant to any further alteration.

Artificial aging involves decomposition at elevated temperature, normally in the range of 100–200 °C, for times between 2 h to 48 h. Multiple aging treatments can also be used. The artificial aging treatment is designed to produce optimum size, distribution, constitution and morphology of precipitates and amount of solute in solid solution. Hardening is often obtained from partially coherent precipitates. Temperature control during artificial aging is important while there are often large tolerances on treatment time. Paint-baking operations of many products are often performed in the artificial aging temperature range and can result in significant hardening.Temper normally yields the highest practical strength combined with useful engineering performance with respect to other specific requirements.

Castings have the highest combination of strength, and toughness. Over aging often involves heat treating at higher temperatures to carry the alloy beyond the maximum strength level. It results in lower strength and hardness than temper but yields improved Although the alloys are suitable for age hardening, thermal treatments are normally not beneficial to the mechanical properties of high pressure die-castings, owing to problems such as blistering from entrapped air.

Aluminium Aging Ovens make the aluminium profiles to acquire the best mechanical properties and quality. These Aluminium Aging Ovens are provided with proper and automated control systems for controlling temperature and voltage effectively based on the requirements of the heating elements. Our Aluminium Aging Ovens have better quality and uniform strength as the aluminium profiles are to be heated in an oven at uniform temperature at specified time. We today specialize in the field of offering premium quality Aluminium Aging Ovens and our range of Aluminium Aging Ovens find extensive application in industries of chemical and other allied industries and these Aluminium Aging Ovens can be customized as per the specifications given by the customers and can be offered in any size as per the application requirement. We offer these Aluminium Aging Ovens.

Product Specifications:

Capacity 5 Ton
Power Source 100 KW
Usage/Application Aging
Oven Type Walk-In Ovens
Temperature 300-400 deg. Celsius
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Production Capacity 10 PCS