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Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are designed for direct contact (this is a must) heating of water, oils, viscous materials, solvents, process solutions and gases for many industrial heat applications. Various temperature control options permit very tight process temperature control. Basic mounting options of threaded screw plug connections, flanges, or simple over-the-side designs are available from stock for immediate delivery.

Other Details:
Length: Up to 240”
Power ratings: Up to 2500 kW+
Voltage: 120V – 7200V
Flange & sheath material chosen per application: brass, steel, stainless steel, incoloy, monel, and various other materials of construction available
Customized watt densities available.

Immersion heaters are of various types:
  1. Oil immersion heater
  2. Water immersion heater
  3. Chemical immersion heater
  4. Electroplating tank heaters
  5. Wax melting heaters
  6. Ethyline heaters
  7. Waste oil heaters
  8. Waste water treatment heaters
  9. Glycol heaters
  10. Salt heaters
  11. Solar water heaters
  12. Inline process heaters

Our screw plug, flange, and over-the-side immersion heaters are designed to provide a quick and efficient way to reach and maintain required temperatures to prevent liquids from freezing in colder conditions, maintain production flow at a constant temperature, provide precise heat distribution, and allow fluids to transfer effectively.

Durex immersion heaters are constructed from hairpin bent tubular heating elements brazed or welded into threaded screw plugs or flanges and typically inserted horizontally through the side of a tank or vessel directly into the fluid.

Using direct heating allows for the fluid to quickly reach the desired temperature and ensure optimized high performance results.


  • Water, oil, chemical, paint, highly corrosive liquids, electro plating etc.