Radiant tube heaters

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Radiant tube heaters

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Radiant tube heaters

The heat from radiant heaters is emitted as soon as the rays hit a surface and there are no losses on the way. The heat is then transmitted to the air which means that the temperature can be lowered with a maintained comfort level. Radiant heaters also give instant heat.


Tubothal elements will operate at a far higher power output than standard designs of radiant tube elements. A single Tubothal assembly may be capable of replac- ing up to three heaters of a more conventional design, leading to major savings in replacement and mainte- nance costs.

In other cases, a change to Tubothal, combined with uprated power input to the existing furnace, has result- ed in improved furnace capacity at a much lower cost compared to a completely new furnace.

Fitting a few Tubothal assemblies in an existing furnace can in some cases increase productivity by over 50%. The power output for standard Tubothal elements is a function of element diameter, effective heating length and operating temperature of the furnace. The diagram on page 14 illustrates suggested maximum design power outputs for all standard element diameters, at furnace temperatures between 800°C and 110