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Cabinet Oven

Technobel ovens are specially designed to meet requirements for applications that include flammable solvents or large amounts of moisture removal. They include a pressure relief panel, purge timer and exhaust fan.

These ovens feature horizontal recirculating airflow to ensure exceptional temperature uniformity throughout the oven. A high-volume fan circulates air through walls with adjustable louvers to create a constant horizontal airflow across all sections of the oven. The result is proven reliability in demanding production and laboratory applications, such as curing, drying, stress relieving, aging, and other process-critical applications.

The standard digital controls regulate temperatures within tight tolerances and provides high limit protection. For more advanced control choose the microprocessor-based temperature and hi-limit controller. Data-logging functionality enables reporting and analyzing and data files can be exported via the controller’s USB port.

  • Temperatures up to 343°C (650°F (Models available with temperatures up to 538°C (1000°F))
  • Class A package meeting NFPA 86 requirements for flammable solvents
  • Horizontal recirculating airflow
  • Adjustable louvers
  • Digital control with 3/4” (1.9cm) LED display
  • High limit over-temperature protection
  • Aluminized steel interior
  • 5-year heater warranty
  • End of cycle and high-limit indicators
  • Audible and visual high-limit alarm
  • RS485 Modbus communication PC interface
  • One-inch process port for test wires and disconnect switch

Notes: Design uniformity figures are based on a nine-point test conducted in an empty oven after stabilization period. Minimum operating temperature and cooling times are based on 20°C ambient temperature measured at the fresh air inlet with the fresh air and exhaust dampers fully open. Specifications are subject to change without notice. If the existing specifications differ from yours, ask about our customizing capabilities.