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Corrugation Box Dryer

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Corrugation Box Dryer

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Corrugation Box Dryer

This machines is capable of handling boxes in large quantities. It is conveyorised and provided with optimum temperature controls, racks, etc. Box quantities in excess of 10000 in 10 hours with a maximum weight of 1.5 Kg per box can be dried in this series. It is available in three capacities indicating moisture quantity in kilograms the machine can eliminate. Our conveyor oven can reduce moisture level of 4 tons of boxes by 10% in 10 hours or of 8 tons of boxes by 5% in 10 hours.

Advantage of Drying Machine Greater Box Strength The uniform and consistent drying process . Box Drying Machine ensures adequate and consistent box strength even at sensitive box areas such as corners. The Hot Air Cyclone generated in the machine helps the hot, dry air to penetrate all parts of the corrugated box, specially the corners which remain largely unaffected in the natural drying procedure. Versatile Operation the Box Drying machine comes with a Variable speed drive to ensure proper drying of both heavy and light boxes i.e. attaining optimum moisture level. Boxes of varying paper gsm/quality and of various flute types can be dried on the Box Drying Machine with excellent results. Natural drying of boxes in such cases gives highly inconsistent results. Weather-Independent the Box Drying machine ensures uniform and consistent box drying irrespective of prevailing weather conditions - ensuring same compression or bursting strength from same paper quality throughout the year. Zero Box Deformation The main reason for any box to deform is uneven drying on parallel surfaces (plies) of the box. When one ply of the box dries more as compared to the other ply, tension prevails because of adhesive bonding. This tension results in arch like formation of the board and hence the box deforms. Such an outcome is totally eliminated when using Box Drying Machine because the hot air cyclone ensures uniform drying of boxes in all parts of the box. Multiple Heating Options Box Drying Machine has been designed for various heating options as per customer's requirements. The prime heating sources are; Electric heaters, Boilers and Hot Air Generator.

Product Specifications:

Capacity 351-400kg
Material Mild Steel
Automation Grade Automatic
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece