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Industrial Dryer

Industrial Dryer

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Industrial Dryer

Dryers are used in a variety of industrial plants including foods, paper, chemicals, textiles, tobacco, non-wovens, wood, and printing.

The drying process can account for a major portion of a plants energy cost and will have a direct effect on the profitability of the process.

Product changes required by manufacturing will impact the dryers performance including product basis weight, moisture content, consistency or permeability. Changes in a product mix can cause uneven drying, or moisture profile differences requiring over drying to compensate for the variation, slowing down the process and wasting energy. A bottleneck at the dryer will have a major impact on the bottom line.

Dryer balances change based on the drying rate, which is dictated, by the product qualities, and dryer capabilities. Products that are dried too rapidly may produce unacceptable quality, and too slowly unprofitable.

Dryers Material Galvanized steel (Stainless steel for option)
Drying chamber material Polyurethane
Two sides:steel
Heating source 75% air source + 25% electric
Brand name TECHNOBEL
Model Number JK03RD,JK06RD,JK10RD
Recommend dryer + dryer chamber size one unit JK03RD dryer + drying chamber 300kg / batch 3300*1900*2200mm
one unit JK06RD dryer,+ dryer chamber 600kg / batch 6000*2800*2200mm
one unit JK10RD dryer,+ dryer chamber 1000kg / batch 6000*3000*2200mm
two unit JK03RD dryer,+ dryer chamber 1200kg / batch 7000*2200*2200mm
two unit JK06RD dryer,+ dryer chamber 1500kg / batch 10000*2800*2200mm
two unit JK10RD dryer,+ dryer chamber 2500kg / batch 10000*3000*2200mm

TECHNOBEL New Technology Advantage of Industrial Dryer

  • Energy saving & Environmental protection Adopt close dehumidify + circulating drying type, saving operating cost; Without waste gas and waste heat pollution, low noise
  • Running Stable, operating easily
  • PLC + Touch Screen, running stable, operating easily
  • Adopt PLC control, can setting different drying curve,
  • Suitable for drying different materials.
  • Second waste heat recovery technology (patent)
  • Adopt air to air heat exchanger dehumidify and recovery waste heat at the same time, saving energy more than 40%.
  • Exact control temperature and humidity
  • According to different material setting different drying curve, the heat pump dryer can control the drying chamber temperature between 20-80
  • Recovery volatilized component
  • Some kinds of material contain volatilized component, in drying processing, hot and wet air will become condenser water then drain, collect the condenser water so that collect volatilized component.
  • Safe and reliable operation, automatic intelligent control, 24-hour continuous drying.
  • Stable operation without being influenced by weather
  • Wide application, can be used in agricultural products, seafood, s and vegetables, fish, meat, nut, herb, wood drying systems