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Electric Fix Tempering Furnace

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Electric Fix Tempering Furnace

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Electric Fix Tempering Furnace

Technobel Oven's industrial heat treat ovens and tempering ovens are available in either gas-fired or electrically heated different temperature ranges. The standard maximum continuous temperature ratings offered are 800°F (425°C), 1000°F (540°C), 1250°F (675°C), and 1400°F (760°C).
Industrial heat treat ovens and tempering furnaces are commonly referred to as Companion Draw Furnaces or conveyor ovens. Oven's draw batch ovens feature heavy-duty furnace construction, which includes a plate steel outer shell, a reinforced steel plate oven front, a lined inner shell, and exterior structural reinforcements as required. When specified, the equipment can be designed to meet even the most stringent

Tempering of fastners:-

About 90 percent of fasteners are steel based and the required strength level is usually developed in steel fasteners using quenching and tempering processes. Accordingly, the terms "high strength" with "heat treated" or "hardened" are often equivocated with the fastener world. However, heat treatment includes a wide range of processes. Some heat treatments like annealing soften a metal, while others harden and strengthen. Annealing heat treatments are used to relieve residual stress, remove cold work and dissolve the alloying element or segregation and provide a more homogeneous material.

Industrial heat treat ovens and tempering furnaces feature:

  • Maximum temperature ratings up to 1,400° F (760° C)
  • Gas or electrically heated
  • High pressure air distribution ducts
  • Heavy duty exterior plate construction
  • Corrosion resistant aluminized or stainless steel interior (depending upon model)
  • Non-settling batt type insulation
  • Air operated vertical lift door
  • Combination, high velocity air flow through the work chamber.
  • Emergency stop
  • Timer based control.

Product Specifications:

Melting Material Iron
Material Loading Capacity (Kg) 500-1500 Kg
Power Source Electric
Type Of Furnace Fix
Automation Grade Automatic
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Production Capacity 1
Delivery Time 2 month